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Recently Published

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August 2017

Crime Films (Ferdinando Spina)
Cultural Representations of Nineteenth-Century Prostitution (Per Jorgen Ystehede, May-Len Skilbrei)
Police, Media, and Popular Culture (Alyce McGovern, Nickie D. Phillips)
Political Violence and Crime (Vincenzo Ruggiero)
The "CSI Effect" (Kimberlianne Podlas)

July 2017

Crime Fiction (Frankie Y. Bailey)
Graffiti (Andrzej Zieleniec)
School Shootings in the Media (Jaclyn Schildkraut, Glenn Muschert)
Self-Control Theory and Crime (Michael Gottfredson)
Solitary Confinement in American Popular Culture (Carlos Monteiro, Natasha Frost)

June 2017

Feminist Themes in Television Crime Dramas (Nancy C. Jurik, Gray Cavender)

May 2017

Filicide in Australian Media and Culture (Janine Little, Danielle Tyson)

April 2017

Alternatives to Incarceration (Faye S. Taxman, Alex Breno)
Consumer Fraud (Shanna R. Van Slyke, Leslie A. Corbo)
Crime News in Newspapers (Jaclyn Schildkraut)
Crime News on TV (Jeremy Lipschultz)
Crimesploitation (Paul Kaplan, Daniel LaChance)
Criminal Underworlds (Heather Shore)
Defensible Space (Robert I. Mawby)
Framing Terrorism (Alexandra Campbell)
Gothic Criminology (Cecil Greek)
Immigration and Crime (Frances Bernat)
Media Representations of Domestic Violence (Meda Chesney-Lind, Nicholas Chagnon)
News Media and African Genocide (Joachim Savelsberg, Wahutu Siguru)
Nordic Noir (Annette Hill, Susan Turnbull)
Political Corruption and State Crime (Clayton Peoples, James E. Sutton)
Popular Criminology (Steven Kohm)
Psychopathy and the Media (David W. Jones)
Statistical Analysis of White Collar Crime (Gerald Cliff, April Wall-Parker)
Supervision in the Community: Probation and Parole (Michelle S. Phelps, Caitlin Curry)
Visual Criminology (Michelle Brown)
Wound Culture (Mark Seltzer)

March 2017

Crime and Celebrity (Lindsay Steenberg)
Crime and Masculinity in Popular Culture (Stephen Tomsen, Dick Hobbs)
Crime Science (Ella Cockbain, Gloria Laycock)
Dark Tourism (John Lennon)
Drugs and Popular Culture (Dimitri A. Bogazianos)
Environmental Crime (Carole Gibbs, Rachel Boratto)
Fear of Crime (Nicole Rader)
Ideology in the Crime Genre (Timothy O. Lenz)
Incarceration Effects on Families (Sara Wakefield, Janet Garcia-Hallett)
Intimate Partner Violence (Emily Wright, Brandon Valgardson)
Moral Panics (Chas Critcher)
Neighborhood Watch (Sylvia Chenery)
Situational Crime Prevention (Joshua D. Freilich, Graeme R. Newman)
Street Cultures (Johnny Ilan)
Worker Health and Safety (Steven Tombs, David Whyte)

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