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Recently Published

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August 2018

Electronic Monitoring (Julie Brancale, Thomas G. Blomberg, William D. Bales)
Gang Joining (James A. Densley)
Human Rights and Penal Policy (Joachim Savelsberg, Suzy McElrath)
White-Collar Delinquency (Andrea Schoepfer)

July 2018

June 2018

Critical Perspectives on Gangs (David C. Brotherton)
Examining the School-to-Prison Pipeline Metaphor (Kayla Crawley, Paul Hirschfield)

May 2018

Campus Policing (Kenneth J. Peak)
Policing Sex Workers (Susan Dewey)
Re-entry Experiences of Women (Sarah R. Bostrom, Melinda Tasca)

April 2018

Prison History (Ashley T. Rubin)
Sexuality and Gang Involvement (Vanessa R. Panfil)
The Extent and Nature of Gang Crime (Lauren Magee, Chris Melde)

March 2018

Crime Hot Spots (David Weisburd, Sean Wire)
Gang Organization and Gang Types (Christian L. Bolden)
Intensive Supervision Probation (Geoffrey C. Barnes, Jordan M. Hyatt)
Police Violence (Jenna Milani, Ben Bradford, Jonathan Jackson)
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses of Crime Prevention Evaluations (Anthony Petrosino, Claire Morgan, Trevor Fronius)
The Eurogang Program of Research (Finn-Aage Esbensen, Cheryl L. Maxson)

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