Oxford Index

The Oxford Index

A free discovery service, the Oxford Index enables users to search across Oxford’s digital academic offerings from a single point of entry and receive recommendations of the best related content, resulting in an enhanced research experience.


Like a digital card catalog, the Oxford Index contains a cross-searchable set of over one million free “index cards” each representing a single article, chapter, journal, or book. Index cards display key information–including abstracts and keywords–about an Oxford published work, helping users judge its relevance to their research.


One search delivers seamless discovery of Oxford content, bringing definitive reference articles, journal articles, and scholarly essays directly to your fingertips.

Overview pages give a quick, at-a-glance view of a single topic with smart, integrated linking to additional resources providing a roadmap through trusted OUP content.

Wired to your library—access to your library’s OUP and other holdings directly from the Index ensures the best paths to full-text content and no “dead-ends.”

What Does This Mean For The OREs?

When full text articles appear on the ORE of Criminology, those articles will be indexed in the Oxford Index–meaning that summaries will be available to global users for every single published article. In addition an Oxford Index “underbar” of related links will appear at the bottom of the ORE browser, so that users of the ORE of Criminology can supplement their research with links to relevant bibliographies, monographs, journals, and more.

As the ORE of Criminology now exists in a development period, the Oxford Index is a valuable way to explore the full catalog of Oxford’s academic content. Simply start a quick search in your topic of choice or browse all content in Criminology that Oxford publishes (as shown below).

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