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Biplanes, Satellites, and Drones: A High Resolution History of Eyes in the Sky  

Arthur Holland Michel

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
As we find ourselves bearing witness—even in our own backyards—to what is increasingly being referred to as the “drone revolution,” it might be a good time to turn our attention back in ... More

Campus Policing  

Kenneth J. Peak

Online publication date:
May 2018
Since 9/11 and the burgeoning number of mass shootings across the United States (one of the more recent such tragedies, at a Parkland, Florida high school in February 2018, resulted in 17 ... More

Capital Punishment, Closure, and Media  

Jody Madeira

Online publication date:
Nov 2016
In contemporary society, “closure” refers to “end to a traumatic event or an emotional process” (Berns, 2011, pp. 18–19)—and, in the more specific context of capital punishment, ... More

Car Crimes and the Cultural Imagination  

Thalia Anthony and Kieran Tranter

Online publication date:
Nov 2016
The car and crime become entrenched in the cultural imagination with the widely circulated images of the bullet-hole-ravaged Ford V8 that Bonnie (Parker) and Clyde (Barrow) were in when ... More

Clergy Sexual Abuse and the Media  

Karen J. Terry

Online publication date:
Aug 2017
Media attention on child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church led to awareness of a serious social problem and increased the levels of disclosure of abuse. The three “emergencies of ... More

Collateral Sanctions  

Alec C. Ewald

Online publication date:
Dec 2017
Collateral sanctions are legal restrictions on the rights and privileges of people who have experienced contact with the criminal justice system, particularly contact resulting in ... More

Consumer Fraud  

Shanna R. Van Slyke and Leslie A. Corbo

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
Consumer fraud is the intentional deception of one or more individuals with the promise of goods, services, or other financial benefits that either never existed, were never going to be ... More

Content Analysis in the Study of Crime, Media, and Popular Culture  

Lisa A. Kort-Butler

Online publication date:
Sep 2016
Content analysis is considered both a quantitative and a qualitative research method. The overarching goal of much of the research using this method is to demonstrate and understand how ... More

Control Balance Theory  

Charles R. Tittle

Online publication date:
Feb 2018
Control balance theory (CBT) was developed in the mid-1990s, primarily to illustrate a particular method for building integrated theory and to show how general theories are useful in ... More

Copycat Crime  

Ray Surette

Online publication date:
Sep 2017
The term “copycat crime” implies that the root of a crime can be found in exposure to a live model or media content concerning a prior crime. The four basic components of a copycat crime ... More