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Abortion in American Film since 2001  

Fran Bigman

Online publication date:
Aug 2017
In American cinema from 1916 to 2000, two main archetypes emerge in portrayals of women seeking abortion: prima donnas and martyrs/victims. While the prima donna category faded over the ... More

A Critical Introduction to Arts Behind Bars  

Aylwyn Walsh

Online publication date:
Sep 2017
This article proposes a focus on some of the arguments in the field—what is “arts behind bars”? What are some of the intentions, and why would people do it? It also signals the range of ... More

A Genre Study of Prosecutors and Criminal Defense Lawyers in American Movies and Television  

Michael Asimow

Online publication date:
Jul 2017
The term genre refers to a set of thematically or stylistically similar popular cultural texts. Courtroom narratives form both movie and television genres, and criminal trials form ... More

Alternatives to Incarceration  

Faye S. Taxman and Alex Breno

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
Alternatives to incarceration are more than options, they have evolved into sentences of their own accord. Originally, probation and prison were the two major sentences; however, the ... More

American Lawyer and Courtroom Comedies  

David Ray Papke

Online publication date:
Nov 2016
A large amount of American law-related popular culture is comedic. Inexpensive literature, Hollywood movies, and prime-time series routinely include images of amusing lawyers and accounts ... More

American Trial Films and the Popular Culture of Law  

Jessica Silbey

Online publication date:
Feb 2017
The American trial and American cinema share certain epistemological tendencies. Both stake claims to an authoritative form of knowledge based on the indubitable quality of observable ... More

A Review of the Validity of Juvenile Risk Assessment Across Race/Ethnicity  

Christina Campbell and William Miller

Online publication date:
Feb 2018
Juvenile risk assessment instruments have provided juvenile courts with the opportunity to make standardized decisions concerning sentences and intervention needs. Risk assessments have ... More

Fakes and Forgeries in Art, and the More Specific Term “Art Fraud”: A Criminological Perspective  

Kenneth Polk

Online publication date:
Dec 2016
Fakes and forgeries are topics of frequent and agitated discussion in the art world. For criminologists, this interests shifts to art fraud because of its fit with issues of non-authentic ... More

Bank Robbery in Popular Culture  

Chad Posick

Online publication date:
Jan 2017
Bank robbery is an uncommon, but highly fascinating, type of crime. The media often focus on bank robberies, especially if an event was violent or involved weapons. However, data show that ... More

Big Data and the Study of Communities and Crime  

Daniel T. O'Brien

Online publication date:
Aug 2018
In recent years, a variety of novel digital data sources, colloquially referred to as “big data,” have taken the popular imagination by storm. These data sources include, but are not ... More